Wet race is not a problem

A practical, quick and safe system to dry leather suits, moto suits, auto suit,

kart suit, helmets, boots, accessories and your motorcycle.

Wet race is not a problem.

You can dry the leather suit among the heat .

A powerful motor, at a very high pressure, blows a great quantity of warm air inside of the wetsuit.

By this way it pushes out the excess of water and dries it.

The powerful motor jointed to the warm air permits and efficacious and quick drying.

With adjustable power and  air temperature.

Its hook is suitable to be fixed to the wall or to straps and cords. It's also easy to remove.

It's portable everywhere.

Ideal to reuse the suits

is possible to apply a flexible tube to dry everything (also your accessories).

Adjustable temperature ideal for winter season.

easy to use

Reduces the drying times.

PULSED HOT AIR SYSTEM for the maximum wetsuit  care : Alternating Cold And Hot Air For Not Stress the suit Parts.

Portable and lightweight. Use it anywhere .

Both adjustable speed and temperature.

Adjustable for an ideal drying . Adjusted at minimum it is silent, at maximum it is powerful.  It  combines the maximum comfort with best performance.  It Can be a gentle warm air dryer and  the most powerful..

...more info and video visit www.drywetsuit.com

Portable wetSuit Dryer

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